Fifty shades of Gervais (w.i.p.)

I so love Ricky Gervais. He makes me laugh out loud (and his laugh is something special as well) and his portrayal of Derek is genius. I wanted to make a tribute portrait of the man and found a great pic of him as inspiration. (Watch Ricky about The Bible as an example)

This acryl painting is still work in progress. Last february 10th, the fan account Gervais’a’holics picked up an earlier wip photo from my account and tweeted it enthousiastically. It got quite a bit of retweets and an enormous amount of favorites. And the day after it even got retweeted by @RickyGervais himself!

Now I have to find a way to get him to receive this painting personally. If you know somebody who knows somebody who knows Ricky, let me know.

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